A series of eruptions of the Soufriere Hills volcano in 1995 saw a mountain of sulfurous gas, ash, and lava rock racing down to the island of Montserrat, taking 19 lives and leaving the island dwellers devastated, and the terrain close to ruin. 

What seemed like the end of this small island in the Caribbean, would not last for long as the island emerged from the ashes to become a popular tourist hub full of people who appreciate life and welcome people from all over the world. 

Besides the friendly locals, the island has a lot of beautiful terrain, scenery, and landscapes that possess an intoxicating spirituality that will leave you rejuvenated, ready to face the stress of everyday life again. 

A Tour of 1000 Years of History

Nearly 1000 years old but still standing majestic and robust hallway up the mountain, the Benedictine Monastery is home to 1000 years of history. Visit this iconic place that is currently home to 70 monks. 

It is also a great place to meet a spectacular view that remains undefeated throughout the island. Here, you will walk amongst the monks and learn their way of life. It is a great way to learn about different perspectives that will give you a newfound appreciation for life. 

Tasty Food

A trip to the Caribbean calls for a classic native dish. Goat Water is the national dish of Montserrat that every tourist has found to be tasty and intriguing. It is a hearty stew that goes well with a glass of wine and a perfect sunset. It is mostly served on weekends, so be sure to time your trip just right.

You can also sample a local version of the fried flour dumplings found all over the Caribbean for an authentic dining experience. Montserrat has domestic and international cuisine, so if something does not sit right, you will find a restaurant or eatery serving your favorite international dishes at an affordable price. 

Hiking Experiences

Montserrat is home to an exciting experience, unlike anything you have done before. Hiking is quite common in many tourist destinations, but have you ever hiked to a beach? Rendezvous Bay is located on the northeastern coast of the island.

You will find white sand, as white as light, paired with warm temperatures and beautiful water. Of course, you can access it by sea, but the most exciting and most rewarding way to get there is by going on an hour-long hike under the guidance of a forest ranger.

On the hike, you will see different flora and fauna, both indigenous and typical. This hike is an excellent way of preparing to take a dip in the cold clear waters. When the calm waters hit your body, you will feel rejuvenated and may even get the strength to do it again. 

Montserrat’s best thing is that there are many other hiking trails available if you enjoy the walks. They may not lead you to a beach, but they are just as fun.

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