Regularly, we often received questions about why Belarus deserves a visit. Perhaps, only a few people think it’s a great country after it’s led by the last tyrant in Europe. But Belarus is actually a hidden gem waiting for you to discover. 

Doubtlessly Belarus isn’t for everybody. Since this is the place that is known for Russian (and not many Belarusian) speakers, sweat-soaked trains in the mid year, and now and then a lot of mayonnaise and potato. However, on the off chance that you are just somewhat courageous and open to new encounters, at that point Belarus is the MOST energizing travel objective there is! Here is the reason: 

No people

No masses of sightseers climbing out of sanction transports in the focal point of Minsk. The outsiders’ identity is generally prepared voyagers needing to comprehend another culture or explorers who know somebody in Belarus.  This place is so quiet and you will definitely love it here, if you’re the type who wants to meander in solitude.

See the remaining parts of the Soviet Union 

The physical truth of Soviet Union is a lot of part of regular day to day existence in Belarus. In excess of 22 Lenin sculptures are to be respected distinctly in Minsk alone, mallet and sickles to be found on numerous open structures and huge squares demonstrating the communist past. 

Present day Lifestyle 

While McDonald and KFC have discovered their way into Belarus some time prior, there are numerous different things that makes Belarus a cutting edge society: in excess of 100 espresso organizations, a blasting IT segment, great Wi-Fi association in many spots, spray painting, top cafés and inns. The more youthful age talks moderate English and in this manner making it simpler for those who travel to Belarus. 


Nature assumes a significant job in the lives of numerous Belarusians. This isn’t weird as 10 minutes from the enormous urban communities you will discover excellent immaculate nature where you can swim in a lake (11.000 lakes in Belarus!), additionally take strolls in the wild timberlands (covers more than 33% of Belarus). Belarusians on a free day accumulate in the parks to play volleyball or Frisbee and go on strolls for entertainment only. Likewise, one of the most well known summer past-times is berry and mushroom picking.

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